Known for their high energy shows, Discrepancies is the Rap Rock band from St. Louis, MO. They have a fresh take on the genre combining hard hitting lyrics with heavy guitars while keeping a true hip hop feel. The band strives to keep real hip hop alive, so don’t miss a beat because they’re not slowing down.
In 2020 Discrepancies geared up for another album release only for the industry to shut down around the global pandemic. In January of 2020, the band dropped their #1 single “Control” which still is the fastest growing single for the band and has since reached north of 3.5 million streams on Spotify alone. The band dropped 4 more singles in support of the album, with hopes of the pandemic subsiding. “The Rise” released in October of 2020, and was a big stepping stone for the band in terms of musical growth and development as a second LP.

Already in 2023, the band has been touring heavily and is gearing up for their newest EP release with Invogue Records. They recorded the newest EP with Andrew Wade, and feel it’s some of their strongest material to date. Their single “Recovery” is building at Rock Radio as well as on the Streaming platforms. Discrepancies have already played this year with Wolves At The Gate, Catch Your Breath & Until I Wake.  They have an upcoming tour with and then Outline In Color & VRSTY as well. They are gearing up for a busy touring schedule, and have their sights set on taking their music to as many people as possible.



Bob Hathaway   |   Dino Kourelis