KYNG is a Los Angeles based power trio that gained popularity quickly in the underground rock world. Formed in 2007 by Eddie Veliz (voice/guitar), Pepe Clarke Magaña (drums), and Tony Castañeda (bass), they created a sound that can only be described as “California Heavy.” The eccentricity that makes this band stand out is its ability to take several sub-genres of rock and/or metal and fuse them together seamlessly. The thunderous velocity of Pepe’s drumming counterpoints the vocals and beautiful melodies that Eddie creates over the massive riffs and technical passages. Fusing styles in the likes of Black Sabbath, Pantera, Soundgarden, and Cream, producing a perfect blend of classic rock and metal, they have created a movement of their own that has made them a band to watch out for since they hit the scene in support of their first album. KYNG has had three major releases: Trampled Sun (released in 2008 on RealiD Records), Burn The Serum (released in 2014 on Razor & Tie), and Breathe In The Water (released in 2017 on Razor & Tie). Upon Tony’s departure, Pepe and Eddie began working on KYNG’s 4th full length album, scheduled for release in early 2023. Filling in on bass duties is the noticeably outstanding Nick Shinz (Job For A Cowboy/Cephalic Carnage), galvanizing and keeping the power trio stronger than ever.
KYNG has won over even the most finicky music lovers with their powerful/blindsiding live show, becoming a crowd and industry favorite on every stage they play.
Keep an eye out for this power trio in the coming year.




Frank Mastalerz  |  JB