Discrepancies is the Rap Rock band started by Antonio Metcalf and Garrett Weakley in St. Louis, MO. Through discussions about the need for an authentic rap rock sound, they started the band with Addison Bracher. The first demo was “Get Hype” in January of 2014, which Antonio & Garrett dropped into thousands of food bags in a drive-thru window of their workplace. This guerilla marketing & their explosive energy on stage made a huge statement in the scene selling out local small-cap clubs. Discrepancies garnered label attention with their next release “The Awakening”, and then released their sophomore album “The Rise” in the fall of 2020 with single “Control” exploding online. This traction online put the band on national tours as they began to hit the road with Nonpoint, Dropout Kings & more.

Discrepancies hit the road harder than ever in 2023 to support their new EP “Product Of Entertainment”. Addison departed the band, and Discrepancies solidified their lineup with Brandon Bollinger replacing him. The band spent nearly 100 days on the road touring with Tech N9ne, Hollywood Undead, Wolves At The Gate, Catch Your Breath & many more. The first single “Hands Up” had over 250k streams before the EP dropped and continues to be a huge staple live for the band. At the end of 2023, Discrepancies hit the studio to finish up more material and start gearing up for 2024. Discrepancies calls themselves Real Rap Rock, and continues to evolve the sound they have coined as their own.



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