Multiple elements converge to strengthen every bond. Four distinct personalities sharpen Any Given Sin’s edge. The Maryland quartet—Victor Richie [vocals], Mike Conner [guitar], Rich Stevenson [bass], and Mike Showalter [drums]— infuse metal, hard rock, and alternative into a dark, dynamic, and deep signature style of their own. Amassing nearly 10 million streams and 2 million YouTube views independently and landing multiple number ones on SiriusXM Octane, the group channel this connection on a series of 2021 singles.

“We have various different inuences, but we all meet in the middle,” says Conner. “Mike Showalter and I have much heavier backgrounds. Rich comes from an industrial background, and Vic is alternative, blues, and grunge. The band is our meeting at a musical crossroads.”

Any Given Sin frst emerged in 2015 with their debut EP Forbidden. Grinding it out, they made waves throughout rock with one anthem after another. “Dynamite” racked up 2.3 million Spotify streams, while “Another Life” eclipsed 2.9 million Spotify streams. On its heels, “Insidious” illuminated their growth further in 2020 as it racked up 645K Spotify streams and received praise from Cryptic Rock who described it as their “most compelling single to date.” Each of these releases reached #1 on SiriusXM and dominated the fan-driven “Big ‘Uns Countdown.” Meanwhile, “Another Life” and “Insidious” vaulted into the Top 40 at radio. Along the way, they collaborated with John Moyer of Disturbed and Trevor Kustiak of Evans Blue before linking up with producer Chris Dawson [Saul, Seasons After].

“Dawson defnitely helped round out the AGS sound,” Conner goes on. “He’s not only a great producer, but he’s also a great writer and engineer as well. He has the ability to saturate what we are doing and incorporate ideas from a slightly different perspective while preserving Any Given Sin’s identity.” That identity crystallizes on the 2021 single “The Way I Say Goodbye.” Tossing and turning between moments of melodic catharsis and thick distortion, vulnerable verses give way to an instantly chantable hook uplifted by soaring guitars as Vic sings, “Maybe it’s time to leave the past behind. This is the way I say goodbye.”

“It’s one of those tunes where everything just fell into place in a short period,” the frontman reveals. “We hope it brings encouragement to others as we all move forward through this crazy pandemic.” Any Given Sin ultimately draw on disparate elements to deliver one impactful message.

“We want fans to feel a connection to our songs in some way or another,” Conner leaves off. “Most of our songs follow a darker path. They’re riddled with overtones of loss, anxiety, and even depression. These are things every member has struggled with at one point or another. They’re also things so many people deal with. They don’t usually talk about them at work or with friends, but we hope we can be somewhat therapeutic and help you deal.”

Key Playlist Include: Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon and YouTube

“Dynamite” was the the bands first radio single and was the #1 Most Spun song on SiriusXM Octane’s Accelerator segment and went on to be #4 on the BIGUNS Countdown and was also in the Top 30 Songs Of The Year!

“Another Life” peaked at #36 on the Active Rock Charts with over 1,700 Mediabase monitored spins and a #1 most spun song on SiriusXM Octane.

“Insidious” debuted on Mediabase Active Rock Charts at #40 and Spent several weeks at #1 at SiriusXM Octane BIGUNS Countdown.

“The Way I Say Goodbye” is currently on Octanes’s Big Uns Countdown and about to crack top 30 on the Rock Chart.




Frank Mastalerz  |  Dino Kourelis