Lucas Esterline – Vocals / Guitar | Taylor Blake – Vocals / Guitar

Jahrie – Vocals / Drums | Casey Lane – Vocals / Guitar | Ben Canton- Vocals / Bass


AEIRIs an Alternative Rock band from Columbus, Ohio, formed from band members of The Turbos, CoyaHill and Personal Public. With the world facing uncertainty regarding the global outbreak, the newly formed group did not sit idly by, but instead got straight to work. During the major lock-downs across the world, the band wrote 40+ songs. They narrowed it down to 8 of their favorites for an upcoming release in the Spring of 2022. The album delivers songs of angst, awareness and feelings of despair, along with rhythmic and melodic intent, notable hooks and powerful vocals. When speaking about the bands newest single release, Lucas Esterline, the bands vocalist states, “We wroteTug of War about the push and pull social media has on our careers and personal livesthe track was recorded at Mooney Recordingsand mastered byMazen MurratatKatara Studios.The band previously released ‘Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em’during the midst of the pandemic and the song “BODY”,a few days before the band playedWelcome To Rockville, at Daytona Speedway. Recently the band flew to LA and performed at the Viper Roomand two nights at the Wisdome LA.Thesummer of 2022 the performed atLouder Than Lifein Louisville, Ky,Inkarcerationin Mansfield Ohio, AFTERSHOCKin Sacramento CA and direct support for the Smashing Pumpkinsat Ovation in KY and Kemba Live in Columbus, Ohio. In March 2022 the band was invited to record at Dave Grohls Studio 606 and write another rendition for the song Body with Stephen Perkins from Janes Addictionand John “Lou” Lousteau.November 19ththe band is set to perform as direct support for The Strutsat the Cubby Bear Chicago for a Q101 pop up show. The band has several endorsements including JBL Pro.


The Single: Smoke Em If You Got Em